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321 people broke Guinness World Record by Cheering Wine Relay in Guangzhou, China

On November 19th, 2011, at Victoria Plaza, Guangzhou, China, hundreds of people holding a wine glass were gathered in a long queue with the attempt to break the Guinness Record of the “Wine relay of the most people cheering”.

Consistent with the theme: ‘your Guangzhou, your Guinness’ this event was organized by Shenzhen Sinoauwine in order to increase the awareness of cultural wine activities. So far, this is the largest scare up of cheering wine relay in the world. Each person cheering was obeying the rules and each cheered wine glass process was inspected by the official judge. This activity was acknowledged by the Guinness World Record headquarters and the certification letter of a successful act was presented in live.

According to the organizer, the purpose of hosting the “Wine relay of the most people cheering” activity was planned to attract people to get more knowledge about wine and wine consumption as well as to bring wine more concretely into people’s daily lives. Additionally, we can also take this opportunity to show the domestic consumers more about the Western wine culture, reveal the mystery of wine, and making it more popular to appear on the Chinese dining tables.

Along with the political revolution on currency, the buying power of consumers has been constantly increasing and thus wine has become a major part of Chinese’s dining. The changes within the consumer market have made a huge impact on wine marketing. Wine has risen from the basic drinking needs to have a much deeper cultural meaning. The traditional multi-level activities are now being challenged by the newly developed marketing systems. For example Sinoauwine is opening a wine wholesale warehouse in Guangzhou. This warehouse is not only combining the full range collection of wines, but it also integrates the full services of imported wines tasting, displaying, spreading wine culture, wholesaling, retailing and so on. Professional warehouse along with “Wine relay of the most people cheering” Guinness World Record activity is what we see as a thriving situation in Chinese wine market. With the development of cultural model, the potential of wine market has been dug to a deeper level.