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2010年05月   “深圳市华澳酒业有限公司”正式成立
May 2010: Shenzhen Sinoauwine CO.,LTD is officially established.


2010年09月   华澳酒业成立“华澳酒业北京分公司”,建立“华北区物流分拨中心”
September 2010: Sinoauwine opened Beijing Branch Office,established the “Northern China Logistic Distribution


2010年10月   华澳酒业与中国移动12580合作,成立“12580红酒俱乐部”电子商务平台
October 2010: Sinoauwine cooperated with China Mobile 12580 establishing the“12580 wine –on-line Club” B2C platform.


2010年11月   华澳酒业成立“华澳酒业广州分公司”
November 2010: Sinoauwine opened Guangzhou Branch Office.


2011年03月   “12580红酒俱乐部”广东省试运营
March 2011: “12580 Wine –on-line Club” opened on a trial basis in Guangdong province.


2011年04月   “12580红酒俱乐部”携手中国移动于深圳君悦酒店举办“全球通-VIP大讲堂暨高端红酒品鉴会”
April 2011: "12580 wine-on-line Club" together with China Mobile hosted a "Global System for China Mobile(gsm) VIP Guests & Wine Lecture" event at Grand Hyatt Hotel in Shenzhen.


2011年05月   “12580红酒俱乐部”中国移动第一个电子商务平台全国上线
May 2012: 12580 Wine –on-line Club, the first e-commerce Business platform of China Mobile was officially launched.


2011年06月   华澳酒业参会法国Vinexpo国际知名的葡萄酒及烈酒展会
June 2011: Sinoauwine attended the famous international Vinexpo Wine & Spirits Exhibition in France.


2011年06月   华澳酒业与家乐福旗下PRODIS公司签署战略合作协议
June 2011: Sinoauwine signed up a strategic cooperation agreement with PRODIS-CARREFOUR.


2011年06月   华澳酒业访问团一行受邀访问法国波尔多拉菲、拉图、玛高、木桐等历史名庄
June 2011: Sinoauwine delegation was invited to tour the vineyards of Chateau Lafite-Rothschild, Chateau Latour, Chateau Margaux, Chateau Mouton Rothschild etc.


2011年07月   华澳酒业成立“华澳酒业上海分公司”
July 2011: Sinoauwine opened Shanghai Branch Office.


2011年10月   华澳酒业启动“世界名庄中国行”大型葡萄酒文化推广活动,首站联合法国波尔多木桐酒庄,于北京香港马会会所举行
October 2011: Sinoauwine hosted the “World Tour of Grand Wineries”, a large-scale wine cultural promotion activity at Beijing Hong Kong Jockey Club.


2011年10月   华澳酒业举办慈善拍卖,并与北京青少年发展基金会联合成立“华澳公益基金”
October 2011: Sinoauwine hosted a charity auction and established “Sinoauwine Non-profit Fund” together with the China Youth Development Foundation.


2011年11月   华澳酒业联合英国吉尼斯世界纪录官方共同举办——“你的广州,你的吉尼斯”大型红酒碰杯接力活动
November 2012: Sinoauwine hosted together with the United Kingdom Guinness World Record Official “Your Guangzhou, Your Guinness”, a large-scale wine glass clinking relay activity.


2011年11月   华澳酒业建立“华澳红酒仓”专业仓储式红酒大卖场
November 2011: Sinoauwine opened the“Sinoauwine Wine Hub”, a professional wine storage hypermarket.


2012年   华澳酒业是全广东省进口量排名第四的进口贸易公司
Sinoauwine is rated to be the top 4 import and export trading companies in Guangdong province in 2012.


2012年03月   华澳酒业参展第86届全国春季糖酒交易会
March 2012: Sinoauwine participated as exhibitor in “The 86th National Sugar & Alcoholic Commodities Fair” trade show.


2012年05月   华澳酒业参展第八届广州国际名酒展
May 2012: Sinoauwine participated as exhibitor in “Interwine China” trade show.


2012年05月   华澳酒业于深圳CBD开设“红酒主题”高端私人会所“品智会”并投入运营
May 2012: Sinoauwine opened the “Club Divin” in Central Business District (CBD), Shenzhen.


2012年10月   华澳酒业参展第87届全国秋季糖酒交易会
October 2012: Sinoauwine participated as exhibitor in “The 87th National Sugar & Alcoholic Commodities Fair” trade show.